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How to navigate Keatext?
How to navigate Keatext?

Learn the modules available in Keatext.

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Keatext is made up of multiple modules having different functions. You can navigate from module to module using the main navigation on the left side of the screen.

Let’s break it down into different modules and elements for a better understanding.

Main Navigation

The panel along the side allows you to navigate around the tool. You can open and close this panel by clicking >> at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Home - This is where your dashboards are located. Dashboards allow you to quickly and easily spot trends and insights, and also help you narrow down areas that you may want to dive deeper into.

  • Focus Recommendations - The Focus Recommendations module uses predictive analytics to highlight the Topics you should focus on - the Topics that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

  • Sources - This is where you can upload and delete files, and set up Focus Recommendations. You can also integrate with SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, ServiceNow and Zendesk.

  • Analysis - This is where your data is displayed in list format. You can view the data as Comments, Topics, or Opinions.

  • Management - This is where you can manage Filtersets and Tags, and where you can customize Groups.

  • Organizations - This is where you toggle between organizations (not all users will have multiple organizations).

  • What's new - Here you can find information on new developments in the tool.

  • Documentation - This will open the Help Center in a different tab. If you are reading this, you are in the Help Center now! The Help Center gives you a detailed explanation of all of the functionalities and features on the tool.

  • Language - This allows you to toggle between available interface languages (currently English and French are available).

  • Settings - This is where you can manage users and check your usage.

  • Log out - This is where you can safely log out of the Keatext app.

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