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Learn how to integrate with Zendesk

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Zendesk is a CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships.

You can easily import your Zendesk data to Keatext and start analyzing your tickets in a few simple steps.

Once you log in to Keatext, move to the Sources and Integrations page of the app.

From here you can integrate with Zendesk.

Enter your Zendesk subdomain and press connect with Zendesk. If it is your first time integrating with Zendesk, you will be asked to authenticate. You will be redirected to Zendesk’s authentication page.

Sign in with your Zendesk account to authenticate.

After returning to Keatext, press import data.

Select the date you want to start importing tickets and comments from, as well as any additional fields you want in Keatext. When all the fields are selected, press import.

It may take a moment for the dataset to appear on the Sources page.

Move to the Analysis page to analyze your Zendesk tickets. Your Zendesk datasets will appear under Analyzed sources with any other sources that you have uploaded.

Any new data added to your Zendesk account will also be added to your source in Keatext... and just like that you're ready to start text mining your Zendesk data!

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