True, Organization management isn’t the most thrilling, but proper management is essential so that you can focus on the fun stuff like finding actionable insights.

Accessing Organization Settings 

Access the Settings page by selecting the person icon on the bottom left of the workspace.

You can delete an Organization, check your usage and manage users on the Settings page.

Requesting Organization deletion

When your request to delete an Organization, you let Keatext know you would like to completely erase all the data contained within. You will be notified once this action is done.

Checking your usage

Your usage is listed in the number of transactions per month on the top right of the Settings page. A transaction is equal to one Record (one row in a CSV file). The number of transactions available to you are determined by your contract. Contact your account manager if you would like to increase the number of transactions available to you.

Inviting an Analyst or an Administrator

Keatext has two types of users: Analysts and Administrators. An Analyst can upload, view, modify and delete all data sources in your organization. An Administrator has all of those rights, as well as the ability to invite and delete users, and set user permissions. An Organization must always have an Administrator. 

Only an Administrator can invite people to join an Organization. As the Administrator, you’ll have to decide whether someone is an analyst or a fellow Administrator when you add them to your Organization. Don’t worry though—permissions aren’t set in stone.

Select the “+ Add User” button and enter the user’s email and set their permissions; Analyst or Administrator. You can change permissions as often as you want. When you invite someone, they are sent an email to confirm their addition to the Organization.

Deleting an Analyst or an Administrator

Only an Administrator can delete users from an Organization. Simply select the trash icon to the right of the user’s email.

Changing user permissions

Only an Administrator can change user permissions. To change permissions from Analyst to Administrator or vice versa, select the pencil icon.

Changing your password

To change your password, you must first log out of your Organization. When logging back in, Select “Don’t remember your password?” and you will be taken to a new  screen to reset it. 

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