Connecting to Qualtrics

Learn how to connect directly with Qualtrics and upload your survey data.

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Qualtrics is an online survey software that can handle everything from simple customer feedback questionnaires to detailed research projects. Keatext offers an integration with the Qualtrics platform.

You will have to take care of a few things on the Qualtrics platform first.

Once you have logged in, go to the Account Settings page.

From the Account Settings page, move to the Qualtrics IDs tab.

You will be creating a client, this is similar to creating a username and password but with a restricted scope. Take note of the Data Center ID on this page. Move to the OAuth Client Manger tab.

Click the Create a Client button.

Name your client and select two specific scopes. You must select “read:survey_responses” and “read:surveys”. These are the only two actions that Keatext will be able to perform with the username and password that you provide.

Copy the information on this screen immediately, as this is the only time it will be displayed. If for some reason you do not copy it, you can always start again and create another client. The client ID is the username and the Client Secret is the password you will use in Keatext.

If ever you want to revoke access from Keatext, all you need to do is delete this client.

Now move to the Keatext app.

To integrate with Qualtrics go to the Sources page and select the Qualtrics option.

Enter the Data Center ID, Client ID, and the Client Secret.

Now the Qualtrics is connected, you can import your data.

Choose the survey you would like to import.

Select the metadata you would like to import. You do not see this metadata as questions in the survey itself. Instead, it is the metadata supplied by Qualtrics upon the importation of the survey to the Keatext platform - for example, duration.

Now, select the questions from your survey that you would like to import. This screen shows all of the questions that are contained in your survey. You must import at least one long form textual question. Long form text questions are indicated by a squiggly arrow. The other types of questions, for example multiple choice, can be used for filtering and correlation purposes.

You can select the date from which you want to start the import. You can start from the creation date of the survey or any date after that.

Once the data has been imported go to the analysis page and start your analysis!

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