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How do I set up Focus Recommendations?
How do I set up Focus Recommendations?

Learn how to set up Focus Recommendations for each dataset.

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The Focus Recommendations module uses predictive analytics to highlight the topics you should focus on - the topics that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction. This can help you prioritize future initiatives.

Using data from sources like NPS or CSAT surveys (any source where a rating scale is paired with an open-ended response), the Focus Recommendations module will identify up to 12 topics and rank the impact of these topics on the associated score. The impact could be positive or negative.

You can add the option of leveraging GPT for personalized recommendations on how to improve your customer experience in the Focus Recommendations module.

Setting up Focus Recommendations

You will have to set up Focus Recommendations individually for each dataset.

Go to the Sources icon on the left of the screen. From there select the source for which you would like to enable Focus Recommendations, click on the three dots, and select Edit.

Toggle the Focus Recommendations to on. Choose the Rating Scale from your source and then choose the associated open-ended responses. You can only choose one open-ended response variable so choose the one that most closely relates to the scale you have chosen.

On the right side of the panel, drag and drop the rating in order from most positive to most negative. Sometimes elements will appear in the scale that have no value, for example "N/A". It is essential that you remove these elements from the rating scale for the calculation to be accurate. You can do so by scrolling over the unwanted element and selecting the remove symbol at the right. Once all parameters are set, select "Save Changes".

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