Source Filters

These filters allow you to analyze sources individually, all together, or in whatever combination you choose. 

Record Filters

These filters are specific to your dataset. They mirror the columns in the .csv file you uploaded, with each column acting as a custom filter. More on Record Filters here. 

Search Filters

These filters allow you to dive into your data for a more granular analysis. You can search for specific Keywords, Topics or Opinions by entering them in the Search Bar in the top right corner. More on Search Filters here.

Sentiment Filters

These filters allow you to choose which categories of textual data you’d like to explore: Problems, Praises, Problems, Suggestions and/or Questions. More on Sentiment Filters here. 

Time Filters

You can access Time Filters in two locations. In addition to the Time Filters present in the Record Filters panel on the left, there’s also a separate Time Filter conveniently located at the upper right of the analysis screen. More on Time Filters here. 

Saving your Filterset

You can save your filters in any configuration displayed in the workspace by clicking “Save Filterset”, located beside the filter display. This will save you time, especially if you have a number of filter combinations you plan to reuse. More on Saving Filtersets here. 

Sharing a Filterset

Filtersets can be shared with people regardless of whether they have a Keatext subscription or not. Read more here.

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