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How do I filter my data by Sentiment on Dashboards?
How do I filter my data by Sentiment on Dashboards?

Learn how to use the Sentiment filter on Dashboards to isolate different sentiments expressed in customer feedback data.

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Keatext's different filters are essential tools for discovering actionable insights, identifying trends and diving deeper into the data.

Filtering your dashboard is a way of segmenting your data so you can look on a more granular level. Remember your default dashboard shows you all of the data in the entire organization - it has no filters applied to it at all.

Keatext analyzes text by identifying relevant Topics in each sentence – the main subject of the idea expressed. Each Topic is then linked with an Opinion – how individuals qualified the service or products they are giving feedback on. Each Topic-Opinion pairing – including all its variations – becomes a Comment which is then classified into one of the four sentiment categories.

The Sentiment filter, located at the top of the screen, allows you to choose which sentiment categories you’d like to explore: Problems, Praises, Suggestions and/or Questions, and in the case of Dashboards, Neutral. You can mix and match as you see fit!

The Neutral option is only available on the dashboards, not on the Analysis page. It allows you to include comments that have no associated sentiment to be sure that all comments as are counted in your statistics.

Choosing the categories you wish to display

The sentiments act as filters. Each of these sentiment button is clickable. For example, if you only want to see Problems, you can select the Problems and deselect the remaining options.

If you want to see all the categories, click “Reset” in the upper left.

What is a Neutral sentiment

On the dashboards, you will notice an additional sentiment button - Neutral. This allows you to calculate statistics on all statements regardless of whether or not they have a sentiment associated.

A great Neutral category will appear in your charts. In certain charts, such as bar charts, you can remove this grey Neural component from the individual graphs by deselecting it in the legend.

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