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Uploading Additional Data to an Existing Source
Uploading Additional Data to an Existing Source

Learn how to add more data to a dataset already in the tool.

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Keatext allows for maximum flexibility when analyzing your data. You can choose to analyze multiple datasets together simply by selecting them in the Sources filter. However, sometimes it makes more sense to add new data to an existing source.

For example, if you distribute a survey monthly, and the format never changes, you can add each month as a separate upload. Then, if you want to analyze them all together you could select them all on the analysis page. However, you are limited to only graphing from one source at a time on the Dashboards. This means you could not graph multiple months together.

To avoid this limitation, and to graph all of the months together, it makes more sense to add each month, one after another, to an existing source.

This can be done by going to the Sources page. Finding the existing source that you would like to add data to, and selecting “import data”.

It is imperative that the dataset is in exactly the same format with the same column headings, the same data types, and the same formats as in the original upload!

If you don't remember how you structured the original upload, you can download a template that will steer you in the right direction.

Once your dataset has been configured to match the template, select upload and choose your file.

If there is a mismatch with the existing format, your error will be detailed for you so you can correct it and upload again. Below we can see there is an issue with the date column. It is probably the date format.

If the upload is successful you will get the following message.

Have a look at the video below to see how its done!

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