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What is the Comments without Topics advanced filter?
What is the Comments without Topics advanced filter?

When do you use the Comments without Topics filter?

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To review, when analyzing data, Keatext identifies a Topic and an Opinion for each Comment, and then buckets the Comment into one of four sentiments: Praises, Problems, Questions or Suggestions. The category called "Comments without opinions" formerly know as Mentions is slightly different, it contains Comments that have a Topic but no associated Opinion.

But what happens to responses that contain Opinions only - no Topic? For example a telecom company distributes a survey. One of the questions on the survey is “what do you think about our internet service?”. Text mining reveals that some respondents answer with one word "good", "terrible", or "excellent".

Sometimes these types of Comments can overwhelm your Comments view without offering a huge amount of context. For this reason the toggle is set to off by default, and the totals are not counted in the metrics.

To view Comments without Topics toggle toggle to ON. They will now appear in the Comments view and will be counted in the Sentiment metric totals.

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