Once your data is uploaded, Keatext's different filters – Record Filters, Search Filters and Sentiment Filters – are essential tools for finding insights, identifying trends and digging deeper. Sentiment Filters allow you to choose which categories of statements you’d like to explore: Problems, Praises, Suggestions or Questions.

Classify data into sentiment categories

As part of how Keatext analyzes data, the system is able to analyze text and attribute a sentiment to identify Opinions (how individuals qualified the service or products they give feedback on.) Each Opinion is linked with a Topic. Each each Topic-Opinion pair – including all its variations – becomes a Comment. Topics, Opinions and Comments are then classified into one of the four sentiment categories.

Data overview by sentiment category

Once the data has been analyzed, you can see an overview of that analysis at the top of page, featuring the number of Praise, Problems, Suggestions and Questions.

Choose the categories you wish to display

Each of these sentiment categories is also a checkbox. If you only want to see Problems, you can click on the other categories to unselect them. 

If you want to see all the categories, click “View All” in the upper right-hand corner next to the categories.

Why can't I activate one of the sentiment categories?

If there is no data in a category, then the category is automatically inactive.

Find more sentiment insights in Level of Interest

The Level of Interest graph is another place to gather further insights on sentiments. Volume Trend shows when and how often sentiments show up. Click on a Comment, Topic or Opinion row to view the Level of Interest graph for that Topic or Opinion. Read more about the Volume Trend in the Comment, Topic and Opinion display article.

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