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The Records page offers you a display of the the records found in your various datasets. It can be tailored to only show the columns you wish. Columns can be ordered and sorted as desired. You can also filter the Records page by the associated Records fields as well as by Date range.

What is the point of this page, you may be asking yourself? Sometimes it's useful to look at your data in a flat form to get a quick view on the structure of your dataset. If you are working from a CSV file you can just have look at that. However, you may be working from an integration, or not have access to the original CSV file that was uploaded. This page solves that problem.

To access the Records page use the global navigation on the left under Analysis.

Pick the dataset you are interested in and use the dropdown menu on the right to choose the columns you want to include in the display.

You can change the order of the columns and sort them as you choose.

You can filter the dataset by Record fields and Date range to segment the data as desired.

Consulting the Records page my help you better plan your dashboard designs.

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