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Sharing a report from Focus Recommendations
Sharing a report from Focus Recommendations

Learn how to create an executive summary.

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Some of your text mining results may be more relevant than others. You can share this data in the form of reports both internally with colleagues, and externally with stakeholders who don't have access to the tool.

Sharing can be done from Focus Recommendations, Dashboards, and the Analysis page. These offer you different views of the data. Focus Recommendations allows you to export an executive summary at the push of a button. Dashboards offer visualization through various charts and tables, while the Analysis page offers a view of the data in list form.

You don’t have to worry about contemporaneity, as results will be updated automatically if new data is added to the Organization.

Select the Export Recommendations Summary button underneath the summaries to generate an Executive Summary Report.

If the recommendation summary doesn't suit you, click on the trash can to remove it from the Executive Summary and, if you'd like, give us feedback on why it wasn't right.

This report lists the topics highlighted at the top of the page along with a GPT-powered summary recommending steps forward. Pie charts displaying the sentiment breakdown and the sentiment score for each topic are also displayed. Et voilà, you have a report at the click of a button!

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