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How do I use the Sentiments module?
How do I use the Sentiments module?

Find out how to change polarity using the Sentiments module.

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Keatext detects the sentiment of a comment automatically. A comment is made up of a group of expressions that share the same Topic, Opinion, and Polarity (sentiment).

Sometimes when we dig further into a comment and notice an expression that doesn't quite fit, it is necessary to change the sentiment. For example, when somebody uses slang in their writing: "The new science fiction film was wicked". Wicked in the traditional sense is negative, but in this sense it’s positive.

You can use the Sentiments module to change sentiment. Access the Sentiments module on the main menu under Management.

If you come across a comment with a polarity that needs modification, simply take note of the Topic and the Opinion of the comment. Then, access the Sentiments module. (If you don't have access to this module, please reach out to our sales team and they can enable it for you.)

The Sentiments Overview is broken down by the individual expressions in alphabetical order. That means a whole lot of expressions!

So what is an expression anyway? A Comment is made up of a group of expressions that share a Topic, an Opinion, and a Sentiment. An expression then can be seen as an individual sentence. In the example below, there are three Records with the exact same expression "Absolutely terrible service".

As there are so many expressions in the overview, it may be useful to use the Search filters to find the expression for which you want to change the polarity, instead of attempting to scroll through them all.

In the example above, "wicked" is listed as a problem. Simply select Praise from the dropdown and the polarity will be changed to Praise for that expression. If there are 10 Records with that exact expression, it will be changed for all 10.

You can modify the polarity of multiple expressions at the same time. Simply check the check boxes to the left of the expressions that you want to change, select modify, and choose the correct polarity from the dropdown.

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