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Keatext Video Tutorials
Keatext Video Tutorials

The fastest way to learn how to use Keatext is by watching our video tutorials.

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Get better acquainted with the various features that Keatext has to offer with the tutorials below. For more detailed information access the articles in our help center.

Finding Insights

Learn how to find insight using three different modules.

Prepare & Upload Data

Preparing your data for upload

Learn about best practices for preparing your data before upload to Keatext.

Uploading a CSV file

Learn how to upload data to Keatext as a CSV file. To upload data directly through an integration with a platform your company already uses, please explore our 400+ integrations:

Languages supported

Learn about the languages that Keatext supports and how different languages are translated into English.

Adding Data to an Existing Source

Learn how to add more data to a source already in the tool.

Deleting a source

Learn how to manage your data sources in Keatext, including removing a source.


Learn how to instantly spot trends and insights and narrow down any areas that you may want to investigate further using the Homepage.


Learn how Keatext's dashboards help you visualize top-level insights in your data according to the KPIs and metrics you want to highlight.

Configuring a number widget

Learn how to configure and place a number widget on a dashboard.

Configuring a pie chart widget

Learn how to configure and place a pie chart widget on a dashboard.

Configuring a heatmap widget

Learn how to configure and place a heatmap widget on a dashboard.

Configuring a bar chart widget

Learn how to configure and place a bar chart widget.

Configuring a time series widget

Learn how to configure and place a time series widget.

Configuring a table widget

Learn how to configure and place a table widget.

Find your Insights

Three ways of looking at your data comments, topics, and opinions

Learn how to view your data in Keatext by the comments, topics, or opinions identified in your data.

Moving from view to view using topic and opinion filters

Learn how to switch between views in Keatext to find all the insights related to a particular comment, topic, or opinion.

Drilling down to the feedback from the topics chart

Learn how the topics chart view in Keatext displays sentiments as different color gradients to easily identify trends in your data.

Filtering your data

Learn about Keatext's filters and how to apply them to your data.

Saving a filterset

Learn how to save a filterset of your data so you can come back to it later and use it across the Keatext platform.

User Customizations


Learn how Keatext automatically identifies topic and opinion groups in your data, and how to modify these groups to better represent your data.

Tagging your data

Learn how to tag your data in Keatext in order to create categories that you can easily filter for and compare in the dashboards.

Share your insights

Sharing a report from the analysis page

Learn how to share a report outside of your organization to allow people without a Keatext subscription to see your data.

Sharing reports from the dashboard

Learn how to share dashboards with your colleagues and the public.

Organization Management

Log in, toggle between and create new organizations

Learn about organizations in Keatext, including how to create and manage different organizations based on your company's data.

Adding and removing users

Learn how to manage your organization and its settings in Keatext, including modifying user access.

Focus Recommendations

Learn how to immediately spot the topics that have the greatest impact on a rating such as NPS using Focus Recommendations.

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