Keatext's analysis summarizes your data and displays the results in a clear, concise manner by producing a comprehensive list of comments. Displaying information in a natural language format, in order of frequency, helps you understand the context quickly and easily.

Comments are contained within Records. Records are a single row in a dataset. They are comprised of both the qualitative data for analysis and the accompanying metadata per commenter. Since a single record may contain many comments, it can be useful to access the original records in full for deeper context – what people are saying as a whole, rather than in an isolated comment.

Viewing a Record

On the Analysis page, you can pull up a Comment Summary by clicking on any comment in the list, such as “food was good”.

The Comment Summary contains the number of Total Commenters as well as the Sentiment Score, Level of Interest, Records, and Correlations.

Records tab

The Records tab displays two sample records for the chosen Comment. To access the full record of either of these two samples, select the “View record” link in the bottom left corner of the sample. Select the “View all records” link at the bottom of the Records tab and you will be taken to the All Records page.

All Records page

This page displays all of the Records associated with the selected Comment.

Full Record

Selecting “View record” allows you to see the entire record, including all associated metadata. Sentiment will be highlighted in the corresponding colour. Use the “Previous” and the “Next” links to scroll through the Records.

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