July 2018 Product Update

Keatext launched a major update in July 2018. We're on a mission to help you find your insights faster. Here’s are the highlights.

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A cleaner dashboard experience

You can now see the information you need faster. We simplified the analysis screen by removing excess information and we redesigned the visuals to be more user-friendly, especially for people with accessibility issues. For a full breakdown of the analysis screen, read our overview article.

More visual displays

We’ve had a lot of feedback from users asking for the information to be displayed in visually engaging ways. The first graph we’ve integrated is a stacked bar that displays the proportion of sentiments expressed regarding a Topic or Indicator. Read more about the Topic and Indicator display here

Log into your Keatext account and test these changes out.

If you have questions left unanswered or you’d like to share your thoughts on the new features, please get in touch.

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