Some of your analysis results may be more relevant than others. You can send the results you’d like to monitor to a Watchlist. The Watchlist updates your results as you add more data. Think of it as a themed report that always reflects the most up-to-date information. 

Here’s an example. You just launched a new electronics product and noticed some customers mentioned the battery life is too short. At this point you don’t know if it’s a generalized product fault or if some isolated customers had excessive expectations. You send all comments related to this theme to your Watchlist to monitor the situation. As you add more data, your results will update. Over time, you can see if these mentions are getting more frequent or staying the same. This will help you prioritize actions and catch rising problems before they become a crisis. 

How to add individual results to a Watchlist

From the Analysis page, use the first column to select one or more results (any Issues, Topics or Indicators).  

Next, click "Watch" on the upper bar.  

Select to add these results to an existing Watchlist or create a new one.  

Click on the “Add” button when you’re done naming your Watchlist. You will see a small report on the number of results that were sent to the Watchlist. 

How to add results to a Watchlist in bulk

If you have multiple results you'd like to add to a Watchlist, you can add all of them at once. This is useful if you've isolated multiple interesting results with filters. 

You can add all the results displayed to a Watchlist by clicking “Watch All” in the Analysis page. Follow the same prompts as before for the Watchlist name.

How to inspect existing Watchlists

To review saved Watchlists, navigate to the Analysis page and click on "Watchlist" in the upper panel. 

This will reveal the list of saved Watchlists. Click on the one you'd like to view. 

When you navigate to a Watchlist you will see all the results included. The Watchlist behaves just like the Analysis page, so you’ll be able to see an overview of your analytics, apply filters or switch between Issue, Topic or Indicator display. 

How to exclude results from your Watchlist

Once you’re in the Watchlist, you may want to exclude some results. Just like watching individual results, you can unwatch them by selecting the results you wish to exclude and then clicking "Unwatch".  

Alternatively you can choose to exclude results in bulk. This can be all results or a subset narrowed down through filters. Click "Unwatch All" to exclude all results displayed. 

How to share your Watchlists

From your saved Watchlist, you can choose to share it with anyone. Click "Share" to reveal the sharing menu.   

You have two options to share your Watchlist. Either directly through a unique URL, which you can paste in any communication, or via email.   

Please note these links are accessible to anyone who has them. Watchlists containing sensitive information should be shared only with the relevant stakeholders. 

Through the Watchlist URL your colleagues will have access to the results in the Watchlist and they will be able to apply sentiment filters and switch between Issue, Topic and Indicator display. 

Once you created your unique URL you have some sharing options. Click "Unshare" if you no longer wish your Watchlist to be accessible via the unique URL. If you have unshared a Watchlist and then shared it again, you will need to send the new URL to your colleagues.

If you updated your Watchlist, press Synch so your colleagues will have the latest version of your report. 

To copy your unique URL again, click on the Copy icon to the left of "Sharing Options".

How to delete a Watchlist

To delete a Watchlist you will need to navigate to the Management page. 

In the Watchlist tab you can see all the saved Watchlists on your account. From here you can manage your Watchlists. To delete a Watchlist, click on the Trash icon under “Actions”. 

Use the same menu to change the name, share or unshare each Watchlist.  

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