What languages do you currently support?

At the moment Keatext fully supports English and French

This means that you can take advantage of the full-analytics power with data in these languages, with a high accuracy confidence even when sentences get complex.

My data contains mixed languages. Can I upload it directly? 

You can upload data in one language exclusively, or combine the supported languages at a Source level, but not an individual Comment level.


You conducted a bilingual survey to find out if people had a good time at your hotel. Some answers are in French, others in English.

"The hotel was great and we had a lot of fun" => Will be detected as English
"La chambre était parfaite, le déjeuner au-delà de nos attentes" => Will be detected as French
"Le buffet était malade, but the parking was bad" => Will be detected as French only

What happens if I have other languages in my data? 

The Keatext system checks the language of every uploaded comment and ignores any languages it doesn't recognize. It's worth cleaning your dataset before you upload so you don't get charged for analysis you won't be able to use.

Are you working on adding more languages?

We’re currently working on adding Arabic to our existing languages, in collaboration with one of our partners.  

Can we work together to add more languages?

We're open to collaborating on adding other languages. All we need is a sample of the data you'll be analyzing and a commitment for usage in that language. Please get in touch with your account manager for more information.

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